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As we age, our bodies change. With age, our expectation of how we want to look changes, too. Whether your focus is on restoring definition to your face or rejuvenating your body, you can be beautiful at any age with the help of anti-aging cosmetic surgery and skin care treatments and products. It’s never to late to begin taking care of your face and body. At the Plastic Surgery Center, you find plastic surgeons and registered nurses dedicated to helping you meet your goals.


Why Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is a country located in Central America that has unlimited tourist potential and is ranked as one of the most visited international destinations.

It is a democratic and peaceful country, and it has not had an army since the year 1949.

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Appreciate the personalized care and follow-up by the team. I was always comfortable about the procedures due to the way of everyone’s explanations. You all work very well together and make it “easy” for the patient.

Tonia Mai